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Which Chapter Is Right For Me?

A common question that many people struggling with debt ask themselves is: Which bankruptcy chapter is right for me? They know that filing for bankruptcy could be the first step to regaining financial stability, but they don’t know whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filing would work best.

At the law offices of Jeffrey M. Rosenblum, P.C., we can help you find the option that will give you the best chance of getting your finances back in order. We will walk you through each type of bankruptcy, taking the time to answer all your questions and give you the information you need to make the choice that protects your best interests.

We have offices in Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester County, as well as Brooklyn and London, UK. To speak with an attorney today, contact us for a free consultation.

Are You A Business Owner?

Running a business is a difficult task for anyone. When your debt amount begins to exceed your income, filing for bankruptcy may be the right option for you. While bankruptcies involving businesses can be more complicated, we have extensive experience in helping small, medium and large businesses through their bankruptcy questions and needs. Our help can be what sets you back on the right path for your business.

Helping You Decide What Works Best For You

We understand that every bankruptcy is unique. That is why we will ask you questions such as the following to get a full understanding of your debt situation:

  • Are you in danger of losing your home to foreclosure? A Chapter 7 filing will stay the foreclosure and may allow you to negotiate a loan modification with your lender. A Chapter 13 filing will also stay the foreclosure and could be an option to save your home and pay your arrears over 60 months.
  • The type of debts you have incurred may determine whether to file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 petition.
  • The value of your assets and the amount of your income from all sources may determine whether you can file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 petition.

Our firm will make a comprehensive analysis of your financial condition as well as your financial prospects to determine the most appropriate action for you. Rather than filing bankruptcy, it may be more appropriate to attempt a loan modification or short sale of your home.

Call A Lawyer Today At 866-637-7300

Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss whether bankruptcy is for you. We are a debt relief agency. The law firm of Jeffrey M. Rosenblum, P.C., helps individuals and business owners file for bankruptcy relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

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