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Famous rapper Nas facing wage garnishment due to taxes

Mounting debt affects millions of Americans. It can be hard to get out of debt, and the problems don’t just face every day civilians. Insurmountable debt is also a reality for celebrities, and when taxes aren’t paid on time, it can lead to wage garnishment. But if you know the law and your rights, it’s possible to stop wage garnishment.


Famous rapper Nas, real name Nasir Jones, is facing wage garnishment in his home state after failing to pay his taxes on time. According to legal documents, Jones failed to pay taxes in 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010. The state’s tax-collection agency is seeking to collect an outstanding balance of $1,083,435 in total tax debt. The agency recently filed court documents to garnish his wages from his ongoing tour with Lauryn Hill.

Live Nation, which is sponsoring the tour, is being told by Nas’s home state to hold all his checks until his debt is entirely paid off. After the state taxes are paid, he still has to worry about federal taxes, which he is also delinquent on.

Facing debt is never an easy thing, even if you are a celebrity. But if you are facing debt problems, there are ways to find relief. One of the things that people shouldn’t do is simply stop paying their taxes. That is an easy way to get state and federal governments hot on your trail. Declaring bankruptcy could immediately put a stop to collection attempts.

Source: Urban Daily, “Nas’ tour money being garnished to settle tax debt,” Jonathan Hailey, Nov. 20, 2012

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