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Seeking happiness while dealing with overwhelming debt

The Secret Society of Happy People was founded to help promote happiness, and its founder is known for providing a message that regular happiness occurs when you recognize the small moments of joy throughout your day. That can be difficult to do when you’re also dealing with an overwhelming amount of debt, which can seem to overshadow any moment of joy. We’re providing a few small tips from the Society — and some of our own — for finding happiness this month.

Share small, happy moments with others to make them feel more tangible and real. Sharing the moment can help you step out of your head, which might be a swirl of money figures and worries. Sharing happiness might include posting a funny meme or article online or enjoying a quiet moment of conversation over coffee.

Do something small and enjoyable for yourself. When you’re in the midst of a debt crisis, doing anything for yourself can lead to feelings of guilt, but a happy moment doesn’t have to cost a great deal. Take an extra long, hot bath, enjoy a cup of your favorite hot beverage or watch a television show with your family instead of agonizing over a checkbook balance that will be the same in an hour regardless of what you do.

It’s important to note that we aren’t saying happiness comes from ignoring your financial situation. Sweeping things under the rug might have been one reason for the situation to begin with. Facing the situation and dealing with it through workable, legal options might be a way you can ensure increased happiness throughout the rest of your year. A bankruptcy lawyer can help you understand what options you have for facing financial woes.

Source: Secret Society of Happy People, “I See Happy – Happiness Happens Month 2016,” Pamela Gail Johnson, accessed July 29, 2016

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