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Filing bankruptcy is one step on the road to financial freedom

When you are in debt over your head, life can be difficult. Answering unknown phone numbers or hearing your phone ring might give you anxiety. Even checking your mail can be a source of stress. All of this is because bill collections are likely contacting you on a regular basis. Some of these contacts might be forceful. We know how difficult this is to deal with.

You do have an option for making those collection attempts stop. You can opt to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy if your case meets the income and asset requirements. Once you do this, an automatic stay is issued that prevents creditors from contacting you in an attempt to collect the debt.

We can help you to learn more about what Chapter 7 bankruptcy can do. We can go over your case to determine if it meets the requirements. If you can’t file Chapter 7 or don’t want to, we can help you to look into Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This is a repayment bankruptcy that lets you pay off debts in a controlled manner.

When you file for bankruptcy, you are taking control of your finances. Bankruptcy isn’t a way for you to give up hope on your finances. Instead, it gives you a fresh start so that you can learn from the mistakes that got you in debt in the first place.

Whether you are in debt because of credit cards, medical debt or some other reason, you mustn’t let the stress get to you. Instead, explore your options and take control of your finances. We can help you to get started on the road to financial freedom.

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