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Are you a victim of illegal debt collection efforts?

Dealing with overwhelming debt can have many negative consequences on your life. Besides the stress that comes with missing payments and knowledge that you cannot hope to catch up on your own, you may have to deal with phone calls and other forms of contact from creditors and debt collectors.

If you are dealing with constant contact from creditors and their attempts to get money from you are having a significantly negative impact on your life, you could be a victim of creditor harassment. Certain types of creditor and debt collector behavior are illegal, and as a consumer, you have the right to fight it and work for a better financial future.

What qualifies as creditor harassment?

Creditors have the right to attempt to collect on overdue balances. However, there are limits to what they can and cannot do. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects New York consumers against certain types of behaviors from creditors, including the following:

  • Threats, harassment and verbally abusive behaviors
  • Phone calls at inappropriate times of night
  • Attempts to contact you at work after you requested the creditor stop
  • Contacting you after you turned your case over to your attorney
  • Talking to third parties about your debt
  • Threatening you with violence or criminal acts
  • Attempting to talk to you without identifying as a debt collector

These are just some of the illegal behaviors that you should not have to face. If you believe that you are a victim of any of the above or another type of behavior that is unacceptable, you do not have to deal with it alone.

Creditor harassment is not always easy to identify, but you have the right to seek an explanation of your legal options. An evaluation of your case can help you understand your rights and help you identify the types of creditor harassment you have experienced.

Making it stop permanently

When you know that there is no way you can effectively manage your debt on your own, you may feel overwhelmed by your situation. Thankfully, you can make the constant calls from creditors stop once and for all. Bankruptcy not only makes all debt collection efforts halt, it provides you a way to confront your debt.

Whether you are a victim of creditor harassment or you simply want to deal with your debt and pursue a stronger financial future, you do not have to face it alone. You may find it beneficial to start with a complete evaluation of your case in order to better understand your legal options.

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