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Do not assume you are the only one facing bankruptcy

People who file for bankruptcy often feel alone. They do not want to talk to other people about it. They feel like no one else is dealing with the same financial issues. It seems like everyone else has a great, stable life, and they are the only ones with these debt problems.

That’s never the case. Debt can be a problem for anyone. People do not like to talk about it, but that does not mean they aren’t dealing with it.

For instance, one woman said that she and her husband had to file for bankruptcy when their debt got so bad that they could not put food on the table. At first, she felt terrible. Their name was printed in their local, small-town newspaper. She felt alone.

When she got to court, though, she was shocked to see other couples that she knew. At the same time, those couples were shocked to see them. Everyone assumed that they were alone, when this process was actually far more common than they realized.

Would she have felt the same if she knew that up front?

Plus, one of the men she saw in court had a high-paying job. He lived in a very nice house. If you saw him sitting on his front porch, you’d assume he was very well-off and that he never had financial problems. But there he was, filing for bankruptcy just like they were.

Remember that serious debt can strike at any time. No one is fully immune. Bankruptcy is a legal process to deal with it, and you simply need to know what options you have.

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