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You do have rights when dealing with the IRS

If the Internal Revenue Service has reached out to you about a potential tax problem, you may feel concerned and on edge about the whole thing. It is completely normal to feel that way. Many people believe that when dealing with the IRS they do not have any rights or protections. That simply is not the case.

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights exists to protect you and other New York residents just like you who have found themselves dealing with tax issues. Here is what the Taxpayer Bill of Rights says.

10 rights

When confronted by the IRS for a tax issue, you are guaranteed 10 specific rights that the IRS agent handling your case must see through. Those rights are:

  • The right to be kept informed about your case
  • The right to prompt and professional service
  • The right to challenge IRS findings in your case
  • The right to appeal any IRS decisions in your case
  • The right to privacy protection
  • The right to have your case closed in a timely manner
  • The right to expect the IRS to not disclose your information to unnecessary parties
  • The right to pay a fair amount in taxes
  • The right to a fair tax system
  • The right to retain legal counsel

Unfortunately, those who are unfamiliar with their taxpayer rights may allow the IRS to walk all over them.

What to do if the IRS fails to honor your taxpayer rights

If you feel that the IRS is not honoring your taxpayer rights, you have the right to say something. You can file an official complaint. You can, if you have not already, also turn to legal counsel in order to help you address the situation.

At the end of the day, everyone has to pay taxes. Tax problems do arise and figuring out how to deal with them can be intimidating. The role of the IRS is not to force taxpayers to pay more than they owe and disregard taxpayer rights. Its role is simply to enforce the proper payment of taxes and address concerns in a fair way.

If you are dealing a tax concern and feel you need assistance addressing the issue, an experienced tax attorney may prove invaluable to your case. With the right assistance in your corner, you can get through this difficult time and not have to pay more in taxes than you absolutely need to.

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