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Examine your credit report after a bankruptcy

Individuals who file for bankruptcy often feel as if an enormous weight has been lifted from their shoulders. Debt has either been repaid or discharged and a fresh financial future has been unlocked. Unfortunately, there are steps one needs to follow in order to fully realize the credit rebuild that is possible.

From starting small with a secured credit card to developing a monthly budget that allows for the creation of a savings account, individuals have many avenues of financial freedom to explore. One such avenue that is often overlooked, however, is the thorough examination of a credit report.

Many organizations provide a free look at a comprehensive credit report and it is wise to take advantage of this service for three reasons:

  1. You begin to get a better understanding of what can affect your credit rating, both positively and negatively.
  2. You can identify and dispute errors.
  3. You can identify and close old accounts that should have been closed years ago.

While the first item might give you a long-term understanding of how best to grow your credit score, the second and third notes might have an immediate impact. By clearing up errors and closing inactive accounts, you could see a bump in your score as well as gain peace of mind in knowing your financial record is 100 percent accurate.

Every financial situation is different, unfortunately, and there is no one-size-fits-all answer. However, an experienced bankruptcy attorney can carefully examine your unique history and goals and provide guidance on the best path to follow for a fresh start.

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