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Should you max out your credit cards before a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

You’ve noticed that you’re falling behind on your bills. Though you can keep up with them at the moment, you’re getting to a point where you just don’t have enough money coming in to pay everything you owe each month.

You have been pondering if it’s a good idea to pursue bankruptcy when the time comes because you are already putting bills onto credit cards and know you can’t do that forever. One question you have is if you should run those cards up, so you can get the things you need to pay for now covered before going into bankruptcy.

Don’t make the mistake of a shopping spree before bankruptcy

If you’re planning on going into Chapter 7 bankruptcy, don’t run up your cards. Spending frivolously with the intent to file for bankruptcy afterward is fraudulent and could end up getting you into some deep trouble.

You shouldn’t max out your credit cards before bankruptcy because credit card companies and lenders know what to look for. If they see a major change in your spending pattern, they may point this out during your bankruptcy hearing. You could end up having to pay back that money even if you can move forward with bankruptcy for other debts.

If you’re getting behind on bills, don’t rush toward bankruptcy, either. Your attorney can help you look at ways to pay down what you owe or minimize what you have to pay back. If you truly cannot pay back what you owe, then your attorney can help you file for a bankruptcy knowing that you haven’t done anything to defraud the credit card lenders.

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