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What documents do I need to file for New York Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

We are living during a time where the cost of living is increasing, mortgage rates are rising, grocery inflation is pressing and a hospital trip can become financially devastating. If you find yourself considering bankruptcy as a result, and decide to pursue Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you are not the only New Yorker planning to file.

We are all struggling right now in one way or another. However, the process has requirements, and many steps, so if you are considering personal bankruptcy, this post will examine some of the forms you need to file in Long Island.

Is there a checklist of forms I need?

The state of New York provides a checklist for the required documents to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The forms typically required at the time of the filing include: Voluntary Petition for individuals filing bankruptcy, Statement About Your Social Security Numbers, Statement Pursuant to Local Rule 1073-2, Certificate of Credit Counseling and Debt Repayment Plan, List of Creditors, Verification of Creditor Matrix and, if applicable, a statement about eviction. The state requests the originals of all these documents, in addition to one copy.

There is also a fee. Additional forms are due within 14 days of your initial filing, and other forms, if you are utilizing a Brooklyn attorney and meet the discharge eligibility requirements.

Does this seem like a mountain of paperwork?

If you find the list of forms complex, again, you are not alone, the amount and language of the U.S. courts’ bankruptcy forms can give anyone eyestrain. However, a Westchester County attorney who understands the nuances of New York and federal law regarding bankruptcy can help you. Attorneys for bankruptcy clients understand that you are in a demanding situation and will advocate for your needs.

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