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Being Audited? Here’s How a Tax Lawyer Can Help

The word “audit” can send even the most diligent taxpayer into a flurry of worry. After all, audits can delve deep into years of personal or business finances, and who knows what tax authorities might find? You may have legitimate concerns about an audit, but there’s an easy remedy for your unease: Hire a knowledgeable tax lawyer.

Attorney Jeffrey M. Rosenblum has helped people in Armonk and throughout New York deal with tax audits. Our firm brings a comprehensive understanding of local, state, and federal tax laws, ensuring you’re fortified with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Keep reading to learn more about how an Armonk tax attorney can help you prepare for and overcome the challenges of an audit.

Benefits of Hiring a New York Tax Lawyer for an Audit

Your first thought after learning you have an upcoming audit may be to hire an accountant. However, tax attorneys bring much more to the table than accountants, especially in unusual tax situations. Here are a few benefits of hiring an Armonk, NY, tax lawyer for an audit:

The Ability to Litigate

Facing an audit can be daunting, especially when there’s a possibility of litigation. Hiring a tax lawyer is a game-changer in such situations. First, tax lawyers understand the intricate tax codes, and they can determine that you’re compliant and aware of any overlooked details. A tax lawyer also has experience with courtroom protocols – preparing legal documents, guiding testimonies, and ensuring all steps meet the highest legal standards. They also excel in strategic planning, anticipating potential IRS challenges, and formulating proactive defenses.


Attorney-client privilege is a cornerstone of the legal profession, and its significance magnifies during audits. This privilege guarantees that any information shared between clients and their attorneys remains confidential, creating an environment where clients can be forthright about their financial situation without fearing self-incrimination. Such open dialogue is vital to developing a robust defense strategy.

Moreover, lawyers specialize in understanding and arguing the law. If a tax situation escalates to litigation, a lawyer’s experience and knowledge become indispensable. They can navigate the complexities of tax codes, represent clients in court, and provide legal strategies that an accountant isn’t trained to deliver.

Defense Against Fraud or Tax Evasion Charges

Facing potential tax evasion or fraud charges is intimidating for any taxpayer. In such situations, hiring a tax lawyer is not just beneficial but crucial. Tax attorneys can help authorities distinguish between honest mistakes and willful misconduct. They can meticulously review financial records, ensuring discrepancies are accounted for and addressed. If there’s a genuine error, a tax lawyer can argue it was a non-willful act, significantly reducing potential penalties. Furthermore, they can negotiate with tax authorities, often securing settlements or payment arrangements that are more favorable to the taxpayer.

Higher Chance of a Positive Outcome

When faced with an audit, the preferred endgame for every taxpayer is a favorable resolution. Hiring a tax lawyer dramatically enhances this possibility. First and foremost, tax lawyers have an intricate understanding of local, state, and federal laws. Their depth of knowledge allows them to identify nuances and provisions in the law that can help a taxpayer.

Moreover, tax lawyers provide an objective viewpoint. When taxpayers handle audits independently, emotions can cloud judgment, leading to decisions that might not be in their best interest. A tax lawyer, on the other hand, approaches the situation with a clear, objective perspective, ensuring that decisions are made based on legal merit rather than emotional reactions.

Contact an Armonk, NY, Tax Attorney Today

Facing an audit alone can feel like going into a battle unarmed. Having the team at Jeffrey M. Rosenblum, P.C. by your side equips you with the tools and knowledge to tilt the odds of a positive outcome firmly in your favor. Call 866-637-7300 today or complete our contact form for a confidential consultation.

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